5 yr Anniversary Pawty & Meet & Greet @ Liberty Ranch*April 14-15 2018*10-4

5 yr Anniversary Pawty & Meet & Greet @ Liberty Ranch*April 14-15 2018*10-4

Doxie Lovers, as most of you know we are in the process of building a facility (Liberty Ranch) that will be a place the kids can recoup, learn to trust and accept Love.

Saturday April 14th & Sunday April 15th we’ll be having a meet & greet, play yard equipment building, and anniversary cookout at Liberty Ranch. We’ll be building play equipment which will be installed in several different play yards for all different ages of our lowriders! 🙂 

If you would like to come out and lend us a hand..or two.. please contact DDRT via private message on Facebook, by email DDRT@denverdachshunds.org, or call at 720-635-0723 to let us know your be stopping by!

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Pawty Time at Liberty Ranch! Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm! Join us for some fun and food. Bring your lowrider for some social play time with other furkids. Help build some fun play yard equipment. Tools and materials onsite so nothing needed but assembly! Sunday from 11-2 will be our Meet & Greet so you can meet some wonderful furkids looking for their families to give their hearts to!






Like most Rescues we are working on limited funds so we thought we would put out a list of what we are still in need of. This time of year many are cleaning out their garages so you never know. 🙂

Items we will be needing….

Play Yards
-6×6 post for the shade awnings
-truss lumber (2x4x16’s and truss brackets/ nailers)
(We have the metal for the roofs already)
-used turf, used turf from soccer fields or football fields
-material to build play items- trex or composite lumber, composite screws, redwood lumber
-half culvert 20-30ft long for their tunnel
-kiddie pools (we have some already but not sure how many yet)
-corral panels

Office and Senior Center
-composite lumber for ramps and a sunning deck for them to sun bathe and be able to go outside as they please. (we may have this coming! Thank you Mary!)
-Paint for Exterior and Interior
-VCT Tile Flooring (all floors in this building must be cleanable and able to disinfect.
-Tile glue
-a few good condition couches. One for the Senior Side and one for the office area for potential adopters and one for the main building.
-bathtub or larger single tub sink to be installed in one of the bathrooms for bathing the seniors
-Vanity and sink for hand washing in the mom and pups area
-handheld faucet sprayer to wash the kids for both washing areas
-cabinets both wall and floor

Main Building
-Electrical Wire
-12 ea 2’x4′ lights (Found these already 🙂 )
-outlet and light switch boxes
-switch and plug covers
-plugs and switches
-Hot Water Heater 50 gal gas
-counter tops for the cabinets we have
-Double sink and faucet
-PVC pipe and fittings to run to sink, bathtub, waterheater, (not sure size yet)
-5’x10′ wire kennels (we have room for 24 but we only have 10)

We will add to this as we move forward and see what we need.



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