Hoodies for Hounds Booster Now Available #2!

Hoodies for Hounds Booster Now Available #2!
Let’s try this post again WITH the order links attached this time. Sorry about that and thanks to all who caught my mistake. Please continue to keep me on my toes!   -Samantha-

With our first snow of the year, it’s definitely hoodie time!

Many of our dachshunds come from very poor conditions. They have never had proper medical care, toys or good nutrition to be happy and healthy. Our furkids receive all of these things while they are waiting for their furever families to find them. Good food, toys, a soft clean bed to sleep in, and medical care to live long healthy lives. Help us help them.

Get yours before time runs out! Several colors (Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Heather, & Black) to choose from! ORDER HERE!

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  • Kathy Busch says

    I knew before I played this it was going to be Tear jerker. But for 37 years I’ve taken animals like this. We just lost our precious Banita a month ago & still have Frieda & are blessed everyday with her. We rescued 2 Dachshunds from DDRT best thing we ever did, They were in need of so much Medical care. The Love you get in return is priceless.

  • Kathy Busch says

    I just rewatched this heart warming video & I’m going to share on face book & ask people to donate even $1 turns into a $1000. Adopting Puppy Mill dachshunds is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself & them.

  • Sally Chick says

    I will be there tomorrow looking for my weiner dog girl puppy. I love Reese tho. I bought my new hoodie jacket from you. I.hope you have my puppy waiting for me.
    Sally chick

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