Meet & Greet at Petco Tiffany Plaza*Nov 27 2016 *11-2

Meet & Greet at Petco Tiffany Plaza*Nov 27 2016 *11-2

Now that we are all thankful and our tummies are full of turkey, let’s help the rescue Doxies find forever homes for the holidays!

We’ll be at the Petco at 7400 E Hampden Ave on SUNDAY Nov 27th from 11-2!  Come on out and meet the DDRT furkids!

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2017 DDRT Calendars have been ordered!! We are taking PreOrders now and expect to receive them from the printers them after Thanksgiving! We also have T-Shirts, King Soopers Reusable Gift Cards, Car Stickers/Decals, and a few Baseball Hats left as well! Remember they all make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for your friends, family, coworkers, and fellow Dachshund Lovers. Each purchase will support incoming 2017 doxies and doxie-mixes that DDRT rescues! Help us help Dachshunds while sporting some Doxie Love!

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  • Kathy Busch says

    Please someone email us all the information you have on “Sugar” the 10 year old Frosty face dachshund/female. We saw her when we were at Petco to pickup “Frieda’ & “Banita” & I haven’t stopped thinking of her since.

    • Samantha says

      Kathy, Sugar has no teeth and has started to lose her hearing. She’s likes to sleep and eat, and really isn’t interested in interacting with other dogs either. She’s a sweet girl, just really quiet and keeps to herself. She will be at tomorrow’s meet & greet. -Samantha-

  • Betty Arca says

    Where exactly at Tiffany Plza. And the one in Hampden Blvd.?

    • Samantha says

      Yes, the address is listed on the above post and on the flyer as well. 7400 E Hampden Ave, it’s on Hampden Ave and Tamarac just east of I-25.

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