Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

DDRT wants to be a force in helping our community. Our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program is just what the name says. It is designed to help dachshund owners who cannot afford food, vaccinations and simple vetting for their beloved animals. We have helped reunite lost animals. Transport a little guy cross-country to his dad when an emergency separated them. It has helped more than one receive Laser Treatment for back injuries. Spay and neuter animals when their family could not afford the cost. Help seniors keep their pets when their care cost becomes too much on a fixed income. Provide a safe place and supplies in disaster situations.

We are working tTrudy2owards having our own low or no cost spay/ neuter clinics as well as vaccinations soon.


Need help or know someone in our community who does? Let us know.

Contact us here or at

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