Dachshund - Young - Male
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

~1.5 yrs old

Mr. Hank (or Hanky Panky as his foster mom likes to call him) loves long walks, laying in the sun spot on the bed, and playing with doggie friends. He is one unique little dude and is deaf (although he might hear loud sounds), and has beautiful blue eyes to go with his double dapple coat. Being different doesn’t get him down! You would hardly know that he can’t hear and fits in with his foster humans, dogs, and cat perfectly. He gets along well with dogs and cats, although he does like to chase and try to play with the cat in his foster home. Hank will snooze all day in your lap or snuggled in a blanket, go for runs in the afternoon, then sleep in the bed under the covers during the night. Hank loves fuzzy toys and getting the zoomies with a ball in his mouth. He loves baths and playing in the water, and does well with toe nail trims. Better yet, he is fully house trained! Your family would be lucky to have such a sweet young man join your home.

If you are interested in meeting our dogs, please visit our DDRT Calendar https://denverdachshundsrescueandtransport.org/calendar/ to look for upcoming Meet and Greet events you can attend. After meeting the the dog, submit an application for the dog, then your personal references and home checks will be required to complete the adoption process. For any questions please contact us at DDRT@DenverDachshunds.org.

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